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Father and Son

Courageous Parenting

Will give you a new perspective on parenting and create more meaningful connections with your children

What do I offer?

What do I offer?
Online Groups


A comprehensive course that will teach you the operating system for your children



Workplaces, organizations and schools are welcome to contact me to book a lecture or series of lectures

parenting book

My Book

A parenting book that will open your mind and heart and change how you think about parenting

Why are they acting like this?

About Me and the Method

Hi, it's so lovely to meet you! My name is Ifat, and I'm a parenting coach, a wife, and a mother of two children.

But the truth is, I never planned on becoming a parenting coach. I had a very successful career as a lawyer in Israel, where I worked as a legal adviser to the Israel Women's Network and promoted rights and laws for women and working mothers. I earned my master's and doctorate degrees in law at the University of California, Berkeley. I conducted research as well as published articles about the challenges that fathers experience while combining family and work obligations. When we returned to Israel,I taught at universities and colleges all over the country.

Then, very randomly, I attended a parenting workshop that changed my life forever. I suddenly realized how much I didn't know about parenting. I felt as if a curtain was lifted, and I saw and understood things that I had never seen or understood before. 


The Courageous Parenting method I developed is based on the notion that parenting is a great opportunity for personal growth and development. The method is built on five foundational concepts: Empathy, Awareness, Creativity, Humbleness, Gratitude.

Dr. Ifat Matzner Herooti

Look at the Exciting Changes These Fathers Experienced After Just Six Weeks

parenting book

Order Now!

This parenting book will open your mind and heart and will change your view of parenting, kids, and personal growth.

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