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About Me and The Method

Hi, it's so lovely to meet you! My name is Ifat, and I'm a parenting coach, a wife, and a mother of two children. 

But the truth is, I never planned on becoming a parenting coach.

I had a very successful career as a lawyer in Israel, where I worked as a legal adviser to the Israel Women's Network and promoted rights and laws for women and working mothers. I earned my master's and doctorate degrees in law at the University of California, Berkeley. I conducted research as well as published articles about the challenges that fathers experience while combining family and work obligations. When we returned to Israel, I taught at universities and colleges all over the country.

Then, very randomly, I attended a parenting workshop that changed my life forever. I suddenly realized how much I didn't know about parenting. I felt as if a curtain was lifted, and I saw and understood things that I had never seen or understood before.

I realized that children communicate not just with words but with actions. Their behavior or misbehavior is the language they use to send us secret messages we must decode.


If we don't understand the message, they will scream, act out and use all their possible tools to get our attention. I also realized that the misbehavior we see from our children are reflections of our own misbehaviors. If you yell at your children to stop yelling what message do you think they will receive? We have a choice: We can either get angry and complain or develop awareness and grow.

I decided to change my attitude and my often-critical responses to their behavior and began to train my brain to communicate with my children in a completely different way. In this new paradigm, the relationship between me and my children and between me and my spouse was immediately changed for the better. It was exciting and made me realize that I had come up with a method that could help many families.

The Courageous Parenting Method I developed is based on the notion that parenting is a great opportunity for personal growth and development. The method is built on five foundational elements: Empathy, Awareness, Creativity, Humbleness, Gratitude.


I have been helping parents in Israel and around the world change their attitude and responses in order to build and maintain healthy and strong relationships between parents and children. The method helps parents to raise children with confidence, emotional intelligence and empathy. 

I teach these tools and strategies in on-line parenting groups, digital courses, lectures and media publications. My book "Parenting: A Comedy of Errors Filled with Good Intentions" is available on Amazon.

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