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This parenting book will open your mind and heart and change how you think about parenting.

Parenting: A Comedy of Errors Filled with Good Intentions

No father wakes up in the morning and decides that today he will yell at his children, and no mother enjoys threatening or punishing. We love our children and want to be the best parents possible. Although we feel strongly about being understanding and kind, we often lose our patience and then regret our behavior later. 

What happens in the space between our good intentions and reality, and more importantly – what can we do to alter our reactions?

Dr. Matzner-Herooti's clear methods will help you understand yourself better and generate a change in self-awareness that will open up opportunities to connect with your children. It is written for parents with children of all ages and offers practical tools for facing burning questions, such as:

  • How to handle temper tantrums?

  • How to resolve sibling rivalry without making them worse?

  • How to prevent morning routines from becoming morning melt downs?

  • Do threats and punishments actually work, or do they do more harm than good?

רכישת הספר הורות

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"A recommended book for every parent in any stage and situation."

 Shira Appel Gross, California

"I was drawn into this book and read it every spare second I had. I quickly discovered that every sentence is relevant, as if the book had been written especially about the things I go through on a daily basis. Everything makes so much sense when you understand the reasons behind behavior. I intend to read it again, and this time I will take notes about how to handle temper tantrums, uncooperative children, etc. Ever since reading this book, me reactions are preceded by a deep breath and an attempt to interpret the cause behind the behavior. The results are immediate - the atmosphere in the house is calmer, and there has been a significant decrease in resistance. Yesterday, I tried the "Thanksgiving" exercise with my son for the first time. He was highly cooperative and even excited. My husband has expressed great interest in the book as well, and we thank you from our hearts for the wonderful book you have written. It is written in an interesting, clear, humorous and fun language. I have recommended it to many people, it has really changed our life."

Mor Sherizly, Israel

"An extraordinary book!"

Sharon Liberman, Israel

"Highly recommended!"

Nesreen Abu ElnaajZoubi, Israel

"Great book!"

Keren Eitan, Argentina

"We need to go back and listen to you often, like refreshing a driver's license… because it can save lives."

Gali Shapira, California

"I am excited to read this book and dive into the wealth of insights in Ifat Matzner-Herooti's book. For those who do not know, Ifat is a Zen Master on parenting, and anyone wishing to apply wonderful insights to their parenting and become a more calm and allowing parent should order this book."

Anna Blumenfeld, Israel

"Without a doubt the children are our little mirrors.Thank you for putting mirrors in front of our faces with humor, fluency and professionalism! In a wonderful way, you described what is happening to us all, and the application at home is already beginning. I recommend that everyone reads the book at least once a year."

Michal Amit, Israel

"I read this in one gulp! I couldn't put it down until I'd finished it!! Real and painful at the same time. But it opens the door to a long and important journey!"

Kfir Eyal, California

"I haven't read a book for in years and I've never read a parenting book until this one. I'm on page 79, reading during breaks when the children enable me, enjoying the insights and will definitely adopt some of the things."

Maayan Buchris, Israel

"I really enjoyed the book! It is an asset to many parents!! I loved the openness, examples from life, highlights and witty quotes, and especially the important messages. I'm already applying and feeling great with it. A real life changing!"

Limor Toledo, California

"Listen to her! She is smart as well as funny! Her book is wonderful, easy to read, and full of tips that actually work. Believe me."

Maybar Durst, California

"This book is charming, exciting, touching, fluid, enriching, funny and thought-provoking!I read it eagerly. The book covers relevant topics in an authentic and accessible manner. I have no doubt that I would like to read it again and again and again to delve deeper and see in it more new things. I believe it will give strength, ideas and motivation for action and change to many parents!"

Gili Dover, California

"It's a wonderful book. It made me laugh, cry, get excited, and most importantly encouraged me to be a better mom and partner. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to make a change for the better in their families and themselves."

Yael Michal Amir, Israel

"I just finished it. Excellent book and easy to implement! I really liked your writing."

Michal Harari Glazer, California

"Great writing and the tools actually work"

Dana Kalsky, California


About the Author


Dr. Ifat Matzner-Herooti, a parenting coach and lecturer, shares her expertise by introducing an approach to help you raise children with confidence, emotional intelligence and empathy.

This book will help you discover that every parenting challenge is an opportunity for you to learn and grow.

The concepts she outlines are simultaneously profound and practical, serious and amusing, just like life.


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