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2020 has taught us that instability creates added stress at home. Help parents in this constantly changing world by giving them tools to successfully navigate the needs of their children.

Dr. Matzner-Herooti's lectures help families deal with uncertainty, fear and the loss of control we are all experiencing as a result of the pandemic.

Workplaces, organizations and schools are welcome to schedule a lecture or series of lectures.

Lecture Topics


How to Help Your Children Self-Regulate

Does one (or more) of these situations sound familiar to you?

Your daughter yells at you when she does not find her favorite shirt;

Your son gets upset when you try to teach him something;

Your daughter slams doors;

Your son starts crying whenever he loses a game

In this lecture we will talk about effective responses in these situations. The method I will teach you will help you stay calm during these incidents. Furthermore, you will learn how to reduce their frequency.

Identifying and Changing Challenging Behavioral Patterns

In this lecture we will tackle a variety of behavioral patterns and challenges including food and meal times, sibling rivalry, lack of cooperation and more. After you understand how and why these patterns have developed, you will learn ways to change them once and for all.

How to Help Children Develop Resilience and Confidence

We all want mentally strong and confident children who can cope with the challenges of life. In this lecture we will talk about the effective things you can do right now to help your children feel capable, respected and confident.

The Importance of Encouragement for Success

Many of us think we are encouraging our children when in actuality our choice of words discourages success. For example, telling a child that he is smart is not encouragement and can even make him avoid trying. In this lecture you will learn the language of encouragement. You will also receive concrete sentences you can immediately use at home. Adjust your approach and watch your children reach new heights.


Dr. Herooti gave a lecture for a group of parents @ Google Israel, on the topic of dealing with children's feelings. Dr. Herooti was able to deliver the content in an interesting, engaging and fun way, even though it was done remotely and over video. We received great feedback from participants on how helpful and useful the lecture was for them.

Dana Gibri-Bashi, People partner-LCS EMEA Emerging markets
Google People Operations​

Ifat gave a lecture to all the organization's employees as part of enrichment lectures. Ifat is a talented parenting coach and has an amazing personality. She is intelligent, sharp and funny (also important in these challenging days).

After the lecture, I received excellent responses: employees were enthusiastic and felt they had received significant added value.The lecture was suitable for a variety of ages - for parents of young children as well as adolescents.

We have had several lectures for employees recently, and this has certainly been one of the most significant lectures.

Shirly Kaufman Kirshenbaum, IAC

My name is Noa Raab and I run the IAC branch in the New Jersey area. The IAC is an organization that works with the Israeli-American community throughout the United States and operates leadership programs and community activities.

I would like to express my full appreciation to Ifat Matzner Herooti who gave us two zoom workshops on parenting. Both lectures were excellent, and we received excellent feedback from the participants and a desire to continue the workshops.

Ifat delivered the workshops in a smart, interesting and funny way, and swept the participants. Despite the zoom, people remained captivated and were part of the conversation. I highly recommend.

Noa Raab, IAC New Jersey Regional Director

We invited Ifat to give a lecture at an event for the company's clients. The lecture was professional, practical and authentic. Ifat has a good sense of humor and she knows how to use it in the right moments and in the stories we all experience and can identify with. Those moments of difficulty and frustration are presented by her in a positive and humorous way, one that does not leave the audience indifferent and creates a strong sense of identification. The combination of a professional lecture full of knowledge and the right tools, along with humor, a smile and understanding, is a winning combination. The feedback from the participants was great! The lecture is highly recommended!

Noa Friedman, CEO, Ogen Relocation

I had the privilege of planning a talk between Esther Wojcicki and Ifat Matzner-Herooti on parenting and "how to raise successful kids". Back when we initiated it our life were normal, the venue was supposed to be APJCC in Los Gatos auditorium, and the talk - face to face. Our attendees were lucky because WOJ and Ifat have graciously agreed to give the talk online, and it was a funny, honest and heart-warming conversation. Wojcicki is so experienced, wise and calm, and Ifat full of passion toward parenting, learning and making progress as a parent. Thank you!

Mata Tripp, Jewish Life and Culture Manager, APJCC Los Gatos

Ifat gave several lectures, workshops and even launched her book at ICC@JCC in Palo Alto. Beyond her professionalism, charisma and amazing sense of humor, what fascinated me especially about Ifat was her authenticity. Ifat teaches and shares her insights in a way that conveys humanity, truth and sincerity. The Courageous Parenting Model developed by Ifat is positive, well-established and effective. Her model provides tools that allow us parents to be more attentive to our children, and at the same time accept ourselves as we are! I highly recommend Ifat for any parenting lecture or workshop.

Hadas Weisberg,Kids, Youth and Families Program Manager, ICC@OFJCC

On behalf of JCC Los Gatos and the parents who attended your workshop I want to say thank you! For the simplicity of the messages that were conveyed clearly, spiced with lots of humor (and self-humor) and a variety of examples from life. Also, for the practicality of the tips and tricks and valuable time you devoted to our life project - our children. Keep on! You're wonderful!

ShavitKaner-Levinson, Director of the Israeli Department, JCC Los Gatos

Ifat's lecture wassweeping, interesting, light-hearted but profound, fluent and intelligent, and even funny. Ifat is full of charisma and personal charm and manages to captivate her audience even through the zoom, which is known as a medium with limitations. I was pleasantly surprised when the employees collaborated with her throughout the late-night lecture. The feedback the day after the lecture was great.

As a human resources manager and a person, the lecture gave me many useful tips that can work great in communication with children as well as with adults and employees.

OfraKruma, Head of HR, Yigal Arnon& Co Law Firm.

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